About Me

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Hi my name is Lim Zhi Yang. I am currently a year 1 student at Singapore Polytechnic studying on Infocomm Security Management, and was previously from Yuan Ching Secondary School and Fuhua Primary School.

My hobby has been badminton ever since I picked this sport up through my father when I was young. He is very passionate about badminton and after realising that I show interest towards it as well, he decided to teach me the fundamentals and we started to have the habit of playing every weeekend.

As for my school days, I showed the most interest in Mathematics and sciences. I then took Pure physics and chemistry, as well as A-math for my subject combination in secondary 3. I tend to perform better in maths as compared to my sciences. There were times whereby I started to lose interest in the subjects, especially chemistry which I needed much help from my teacher. However, i am thankful to have great teachers that were patient and willing to take some time off for me to consult them.

Talking about my choice of course in polytechnic, I decided to take up one that is related to I.T. This is due to the heavy focus on the I.T sector in the industry currently, and I believe it will be the case for the next couple of years as well. At the same time, I do have certain interest towards things related to I.T, and all these factors lead me to my current course now.