School Achievements
Logo with my initials 'LZY' on it
A certificate of participating

Back in 2016, I was selected by my chinese teacher alongside my friends to represent Yuan Ching Secondary School to participate in an interschool chinese debate of the west region that is held annually. Although my team and I had to spend much time researching on sources and the need of meeting up regularly to share our findings, it was a fun and fulfilling experience whereby I managed to improve my communication skills at the same time as well.

 Edusave Scholarship Award certificate

When I was in secondary 3, my overall results throughout the year was good enough to receive the Edusave Scholarship Award. I was top 20 in my level and it met the criteria to receive the award. I felt very proud of myself as it was my first time receiving such awards.

Achieved bronze award in Singapore Math Kangaroo Competition

My math teacher selected a group of students from my class to participate in the Singapore Math Kangaroo Competition and I was one of them. The lessons for the competition was quite tedious and requires quite alot of thinking, however it was these factors that made it a fun learning and at the same time gaining more knowledge that was out of the textbook.

Awards I achieved from Dragonboat CCA

I joined Dragonboat CCA during my Secondary School days and had took part in several competitions. In my four years in Dragonboat, my team and I had achieved first place for Temasek Regetta in 2014, as well as fourth in 2016. We put in tremendous effort and into each training and at the end of the day, we managed to win medals and trophy back for the school and we are all proud of it.

Lastly, I would like to share some pictures of my friends as well. I have made alot of friends during my Secondary School days and I treasure my friendship with everyone alot. After all, what is school without your friends alongside with you?

picture with close friends during prom night a group pic of the dragonboat team Class photo after teachers' day during Secondary 4 pic with math teacher piggyback one of my friend chem teacher's treat during cny period